my toddler is diabolical

she has a “666″ in her social security number even.


i tried to have it changed.  i went into the social security office at least three different times and filed to have it changed.  you can do that.  if you have a religious or cultural reason, you can request a new social security number.  three times i filed.  three times the social security office did not reply…ever.

eventually i gave up trying.  my toddler was out of danger.  i was no longer freaked out about the “666.”  then, recently, the dh told me that he prayed to anyone who would listen to help the toddler when she was a baby.  (she had had a really rough birth & ended up in the neonatal ward of the hospital with seizures & brain damage.)  he told me this in relation to the social security number as well as the seeming “666″ she recently doodled on my arm.angler catfish 018   that kind of freaked me out.  yes, i am superstitious.  i was raised catholic.  although i, today, tell myself there is no such thing as the devil…i still have that catholic installation of gods & demons in my brain.

anyhoo.  the toddler is diabolical.  she is the cutest thing on this planet.  though an mri will show she has brain damage–there is nothing slow or off about her.  she is very intelligent and very passionate and can take down either of her big brother’s with a pinch or the pulling of their hair–& then win them back over with a smile & a kiss.  and, like any toddler, she is in to everything–experimenting with the world around her.  dumping water on the floor to see what will happen.  peeing in the middle of the room to see what will happen.  smacking the newborn in the face to see what will happen. like any other toddler, she is diabolical.

i love my, but she really can put me in fits.  then i feel bad for not handling it better.  today i professed, as i often will, that the toddler age is my least favorite.  the dh was complaining about babies–but our newborn is so much easier than the toddler!  of course, i have a boob i can latch him onto if he gives me any trouble.  the dh often laments his inability to work that magic on babies.  pacifying a toddler is a horse of a different color.  it usually consists of me just screaming, “give her whatever she wants!  just make her stop shrieking!”

my toddler is diabolical.

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